Technical Requirements


Walk-about entertainment:

When Val does the walk-about form of entertaining (where there's no stage, but rather, a spread-out audience), nothing is required for the show. She will decide if her small sound system is required so people can clearly hear her (and her puppets.)


Stage show:

Val will arrive at the venue at least an hour and a half in advance of her performance. Please have someone available to allow for this. Also, chill time is essential after she sets up for the show.

The stage should be in a good, central location with sight lines - preferably no floor in front. Having a curtain backdrop always makes for a better presentation.

For adult shows please have a raised area for the show.

For children’s shows Val can be on the same level as the children provided that they are on the floor and not in chairs. Risers can be used for the children or adults and should be at least 12-18” in height. Rule of Thumb - 12” for every 100 people. Stage size should be a minimum of 7 feet deep by 10 feet wide. A larger staging area is preferred but not essential.

Val’s act is very visual. Invite guests to come forward with their chairs, if necessary. All seating should be kept in front of stage, not off to the back or sides of stage. Never have the audience beside her or behind her.

Seating can always be pulled off floor following the show - make sure this is coordinated with staff ahead of time so they are prepared.


Professional sound system:

Speakers must be raised on stands.
Val will require a PA with 2 channels available with XLR inputs - one for a wireless head set and one for her music.

An additional channel for your MC should be available as a separate mic will also be supplied for them, making this a three channel PA system in total.
A sound check prior to arrival of the audience is essential. Please provide your schedule for the event in order to have the sound checks done in advance.

If you do not have a system, Val can provide a system that provides coverage for venues up to 500 people. Please contact Val Hilliker for pricing information for her to supply this.


Flights, hotel or other travel arrangements to be supplied by customer, to be discussed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Val directly at





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