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Val is making news around the world with her ground-breaking creative shows. With over 200 shows a year, performed for all ages, she’s constantly raising the bar on family-friendly entertainment. She has had the honor of representing Canada twice at the World Ventriloquist convention, in 2005 and 2008, reinventing ventriloquism for the 21st century. She has been called a cross between Ellen DeGeneres and Sherry Lewis, creator of Lamb Chops. And her technique can only be described with one word – magical.

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Linda Kavelin Popov & Mr. See The Caterpillar

Lilli’s Favorite Poem

Val and Natu

Character Education

Bahai Yamaha Celebration

Val Hillliker Comedy Birthday show

Val Hilliker Comedy Family show

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The Chill Skills Song - Val Hilliker
Radio interview CFB Wainright 2008
Radio Interview On The Breeze 103.1
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Hear What Others Are Saying About Val Hilliker's Comedy Ventriloquism

  • "Words cannot express how grateful we are for your support. Your commitment makes a world of difference, and thank you again for your wonderful performance."

    Tracey Stan
    Tracey Stan Kids Cancer Care Foundation
  • "I would definitely recommend this show for your event. Val Hilliker makes each show relevant to your audience. She has a wonderful sense of Humor.  We had an awesome time. The show was appropriate for all ages."

    Jean Keetch
  • "It was awesome to see your recent performance at the Unity in Harmony Conference in Halifax N.S. The impact of your show is still imprinted in my memory a very effective and fun way to reach/teach people. Your enthusiasm and creativity will be a contribution to all who have the opportunity to experience your presentation. Keep up the great work!"

    Joanie Beaubien
    Joanie BeaubienFacilatator, Virtues Connection Montreal
  • "Val’s puppets are creative and delightful and the lessons she teaches surprise and empower. As a Ventriloquist, Val is without peer! As a Child Clinical Psychologist, I have seen many children’s shows and Val’s is the first one I have seen where you forget her creations are just cloth – she brings them alive and gives them a personality and character so well developed that you can forget she’s there. The shows Val Hilliker has developed are all wonderful. They are spontaneous, involving, and funny. If this was all they were I would still recommend them highly. They are, however, so much more. As a Co-Founder of The Virtues Project™, I have seen their ability to empower and educate as well as delight. They teach lessons and develop character – they show children (and adults) in the audience what really matters. They engage children and help them remember who they truly are."

    Dan Popov, Ph.D.
    Dan Popov, Ph.D.Co-Founder, The Virtues Project
  • "We hired Val Hilliker  who has turned out to be not only a wonderful puppeteer but has a keen interest in the topic of bullying, is a great public speaker."

    Catherine Ranger
    Catherine RangerPuppets For Peace

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